Lab of Wolfgang Liedtke MD. PhD.

understanding sensory transduction and pain

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Research in the news :

OSM-9 : Sensing molecule helps worms adapt to pain.

Video : 3D pore of the OSM-9 channel

Duke University press release.

Article in DER SPIEGEL, one of the most widely-accessed and influential German-language internet publications

BPA effects on developing neurons :

CBS news

Interviews on CBS Radio and NPR-WUNC

Sunburn pain :

Duke Today

Nature highlights

Other highlights :

Carbon nanotubes show promise in neural engineering

WCOM RADIO invivo podcast (DEP effects in lungs)

Neurons Mature Rapidly at Birth

Diesel Emission Particles and TRPV4 activation

Salt Appetite shares Drug Addiction Pathway

Awards :

Whasil Lee won the New Investigator Recognition Award at the Orthopedic Research Society 2015 meeting held in Las Vegas.

Yong Chen was recently awarded an F33 Senior Fellowship NIDCR Grant in Bethesda MD  in September 2014. He won the first prize award for best contribution by a junior investigator given by the US TMJ Association, held jointly with NIH-NIDCR.

Wolfgang Liedtke has been selected for a Harrington Discovery Institute Scholar-Innovator, 1 of 10 translational-medical scholars selected nationwide from a pool of several hundred applicants. (Harrington Discovery Institute Portrait of Dr. Liedtke) (Harrington Discovery Institute link) (DukeMedicine link)

Wolfgang Liedtke won the Collaborative Innovator Award of the Duke IGSP to study genome-wide analysis of regulated genes in the mammalian brain in instinctive cravings (2012)

Wolfgang Liedtke, together with Angel Peterchev of the Department of Psychiatry, won a DIBS incubator award "Characterization, Mechanisms, and Modeling of Static Magnetic Field Effects on Neuronal Excitability" (2012)

Wolfgang Liedtke, together with Achelios Therapeutics of Chapel Hill, NC, won a Collaborative Funding Grant of the North Carolina Biotech Center to study translational-medical mechanisms of pain, in particular trigeminal pain (2012).

Wolfgang Liedtke, together with Fan Wang of Duke Cell Biology, won a Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS) Incubator Award entitled "Transsynaptic labeling and functional characterization of sensorimotor circuits in the mouse trigeminal system" in 2011

Wolfgang Liedtke won the Ruth K Broad Foundation Duke Neuroscience Faculty Scholar Award in 2011